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Inspired by a late night rewatch of David Cronenberg’s ‘The Fly’ in your humble web monkey’s garret this weekend past, today’s web-waffle is a mutant hybrid, a genetically-spliced – at biomolecular level - fusion of….

OUT NOW! – aaaaand – Tips For ’12.

Without further ado….



























SHARON VAN ETTEN – ‘Tramp’ (Jagjaguwar)

US singer-songwriter Sharon Van Etten releases her brand new album – ‘Tramp’ – on Jagjaguwar, distributed by PIAS in the UK, this very day.

Aided and abetted by, amongst others, the brothers Dessner from The National, Julianna Barwick and Zach Condon (aka Beirut), Sharon’s music has been garnering praise from all quarters and with fervent enthusiasm on both sides of the Atlantic.

Read the BBC review for ‘Tramp’ here: CLICK!

Read the Pitchfork review for ‘Tramp’ here: CLICKETY!

Here’s a live video of ‘Give Out’ from the new record.


And – as if to prove that there is no snobbier snob than an indie snob (and your humble web monkey is most definitely guilty of being an indie snob), here’s an older clip of Sharon playing a tiny intimate show for npr at sxsw, posted purely on the basis of her cool T-Shirt.

(Siltbreeze-era?) The Dead C?!?

I want one!























GANG COLOURS – ‘The Keychain Collection’ (album) / ‘Fancy Restaurant’ (single) (Brownswood)

Newly signed to Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood Recordings imprint, UK nostalgia-woozy downtempo beatsmith Gang Colours (or Will Ozanne, as his mum calls him) is receiving the head-nodding headz… ummm… nodding heads of cool approval (cooval? approol?).

READ: the Guardian New Band Of The Day piece, here: CLICKETY!

DOWNLOAD: a free mp3 digifile mcnugget for the track ‘On Compton Bay’ via Pitchfork, here: CLICK!

ENJOY the official video for his brand new single – ‘Fancy Restaurant’ (out in the UK via Brownswood on 20th February) – here:

‘The Keychain Collection’ album is out in the UK on 27th February 2012.


















ALABAMA SHAKES (Rough Trade Records)

They have been variously described as “the future of music”, the spiritual heirs to Bruce Springsteen’s Rock n Roll crown (which in itself would make a great band name…) and count amongst their fans Adele, David Byrne, Drive-By Truckers and Booker T. Jones. They’ve sparked an insanely enthusiastic bidding war, earning comparisons to Janis Joplin and Otis Reading along the way.

Now signed to Rough Trade in the UK, with a four track import CD EP that sold out in a heartbeat (grab a copy if you see one – these biscuits are like rocking-horse ‘eggs’!), three sold out dates at London’s Boston Arms in late February (a ticket so fiercely HOT that even Commander Ar’Kid of this parish had to buy himself a ticket) – Alabama Shakes’ full length album ‘Girls & Boys’ is due out in April on Rough Trade Records.

Sure to be HUGE.

CLICK! Here to read what Rolling Stone magazine has to say.

CLICK! Here to hear Alabama Shakes playing a session and being interviewed on NPR’s ‘World Cafe’ interweb radio station.

CLICKETY! Here to read a recent live review and to see some (94!?) gorgeous live photos from the Reverb website.

CLICK! Here for Alabama Shakes facebook badger.

Here’s a taste of the “future of music”.



OK ok, so this genetic splicing isn’t as easy as it looks – damn you Goldblum, with your effortless charm and geeky sex appeal!


Here’s this week’s OUT NOWS! ::














YOUNG GUNS – ‘Bones’ (Play It Again Sam)














MARK LANEGAN BAND - ‘Blues Funeral’ (4AD)















OF MONTREAL – ‘Paralytic Stalks’ (Polyvinyl)















CLOUD NOTHINGS – ‘Attack On Memory’ (Wichita)















THE TWILIGHT SAD – ‘No One Can Ever Know’ (FatCat)


To play us out, not one, not two but three spanking videos!

First up, Young Guns with the title track of their brand new album ‘Bones’ (PIAS).



Next up, The Twilight Sad with ‘Another Bed’ from their brand new album ‘No One Can Ever Know’ (FatCat).



Who’s on third base? Of Montreal with a jazzfunk12″megamix sampler of their new longplayer ‘Paralytic Stalks’ (Polyvinyl).

Now, i’m not sure what medication Of Montreal’s fans have been prescribed, but some of their youtube comments are downright fruity! (some choice examples: CheezyMushroomPizza says: “I just came”, Eddy67 is “getting excited. sexually”. Mndud: “If I could, I would f*ck this music so hard”. BLIMEY! Calm down lads, it’s only music!).


To play us out, I toyed with Steve Miller Band’s ‘Fly Like An Eagle’ (ha!), The Cramps ‘Human Fly’ (for Count Dykula, late of this parish) but in the end plumped for this, nothing to do with PIAS, nothing to do with Tips For ’12, nothing to do with new releases, just a damn fine song.



Valentine’s Day soon… Am thinking of the below – taken from the aforementioned ‘The Fly’ – as an inscription for Mrs Web Monkey’s card - whadja think? No? Too Emo?

“You’re afraid to dive into the plasma pool, aren’t you? You’re afraid to be destroyed and recreated, aren’t you? I’ll bet you think that you woke me up about the flesh, don’t you? But you only know society’s straight line about the flesh. You can’t penetrate beyond society’s sick gray fear of the flesh! Drink deep or taste not the plasma spring! You see what I’m saying? I’m not just talking about sex and penetration, I’m talking about penetration beyond the veil of the flesh! A deep, penetrating dive into the plasma pool!”


Erm, darling, where are you running off to?

Hehe – adieu for now!









Jeff / Seth and your humble web monkey, yesterday


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