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  1. Dizzee Rascal ‘Tongue N’ Cheek’ [Dirtee Stank] PLATINUM STATUS
  2. Stornoway ‘Beachcomber’s Windowsill’ [4AD]
  3. Vampire Weekend ‘Contra’ [XL Recordings] GOLD STATUS
  4. Divine Comedy ‘Bang Goes The Knighthood’ [Divine Comedy]
  5. National ‘High Violet’ [4AD]
  6. Teenage ‘Fanclub Shadows’ [PEMA]
  7. Rox ‘Memoirs’ [Rough Trade]
  8. XX ‘XX’ [Young Turks] GOLD STATUS
  9. Morcheeba ‘Blood Like Lemonade’ [PIAS Recordings]
  10. Temper Trap ‘Conditions’ [Infectious Music] GOLD STATUS

Conor filmed a performance of ‘Becoming a Jackal’ for Watch.Listen.Tell – just round the corner from Bush Hall on a sunny side street

Watch.Listen.Tell are a YouTube Channel that specialise in high quality filmed clips and the track has come out great – watch it below

For more on The Villagers, click here


‘Farewell, My Lovely’ is the second album from Devon record shop owner and cult balladeer The RG Morrison, recorded and produced by the band at their native Devon farm, on a mix-match of borrowed and breaking analogue equipment before a spit, polish and master at Peter Gabriel’s Real World studios.

Very much at home in the Loose Music stable, ‘Farewell, My Lovely’ tips a reference to the Laurel Canyon heydays of Crosby Stills & Nash and Gram Parsons, but also draws on contemporary influences like Sparklehorse, Ryan Adams and Granddaddy, moving from sparse acoustic songs through orchestral flourishes and violent guitar eruptions.

The RG Morrison are planning to join The Handsome Family on their forthcoming UK tour in July.

‘Farewell, My Lovely’ is available as a limited edition CD with hand-painted, and as a digital download. But Loose Music have kindly allowed us to stream the album in it’s entirety for you here!

Press pieces on RG Morrison:

“This tangibly focused, warming and reclusive record seems like Blighty’s answer to Bon Iver” – Mojo.

Mojo | Q | Rock N Reel | Uncut

  1. Dizzee Rascal ‘Tongue N’ Cheek’ [Dirtee Stank] PLATINUM STATUS
  2. Divine Comedy  ‘Bang Goes The Knighthood’ [Divine Comedy]
  3. Stornoway ‘Beachcomber’s Windowsill’ [4AD]
  4. Teenage Fanclub ‘Shadows’ [Pema]
  5. National ‘High Violet’ [4AD]
  6. Vampire Weekend ‘Contra’ [XL Recordings] GOLD STATUS
  7. XX ’XX’ [Young Turks] GOLD STATUS
  8. Temper Trap ‘Conditions’ [Infectious Music] GOLD STATUS
  9. Vampire Weekend ‘Vampire Weekend’ [XL Recordings] PLATINUM STATUS
  10. Tracey Thorn  ‘Love And Its Opposite’ [Strange Feeling]

Pictures from the New Young Pony Club event at Home House Live hosted by Raymond Weil, plus footage of their a storming set (provided by Live List Club)

Domino is proud to announce the arrival of the debut album from Chief, ‘Modern Rituals’.
The first single from it will be ‘Breaking Walls’. You can listen to a stream of the track here:



Two years ago the four members of Chief finished their stints at New York University and returned home to the US west coast, their suitcases stuffed full of soaring melodies, shimmering guitars, lovelorn lyrics and heart-stopping harmonies.

  (Photo Credit: Andrew Tonkery)

Chief’s Evan Koga (vocals/guitar), brothers Danny and Michael Fujikawa (on vocals/ guitar and drums, respectively) and Mike Moonves (bass) evoke a grand sense of nostalgia with their heartfelt melancholy. Written and recorded in Los Angeles and produced by Grammy winner Emery Dobyns, ‘Modern Rituals’ has sunshine seeping through every note.

But if California is emanating from every crevasse then the resulting sound is as universal and world wearied as it gets. The album is thematic in its tales of romantic disappointments, left lovers and floundering emotions and the band’s musical touchstones include the great denimed romantics: Love, The Beach Boys, Neil Young and The Band.

You can catch Chief performing live in the UK on the following dates:

25 , Hyde Park, Hard Rock Calling with Pearl Jam London
27 Glastonbury festival
Moles Bath (with Illustrated Men)
10 Nozstock Herefordshire
12 Bodega Nottingham
13 Bush Hall (with Middle East) London
14 Barfly London
16 Ruby Lounge Manchester
17 Latitude Festival Suffolk
20 Social: BBC Introducing night London
27 Leeds Festival, Festival Republic Stage (12.45pm)
28 Reading Festival, Festival Republic Stage (12.45pm)

For a flavour of the band live, here’s a link to some live footage of Chief performing 3 songs for Doublesixclub TV last Summer:

Press pieces on Chief:

“Country tinged soul music with a lot of heart’ – kinda The Verve-meets-Midlake” – Zane Lowe
“…This is a fresh new band about to get out from under the radar, and they’re going to be huge taking America a little at a time.. This is a band worth hearing.” – New York Post
“this LA band excel at melancholic rock grandeur”Sunday Times (Hottest Downloads)
“four stunning minutes of vocal harmonies, breezy folk-rock guitars and sunbursts of melody”- Big Issue
“as shimmering as a Venice sunset… an essential soundtrack to summer 2010″ - LA Weekly

Music Week | New York Post | Sunday Times

The debut album from S. Carey, ‘All We Grow’, is the result of a young lifetime spent immersed in music. As a band member of Bon Iver from the very beginning, Sean Carey witnessed a flip of his formal training to step firmly into a worldwide-touring rock band. His performance degree in classical percussion from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire and his love for jazz drumming prepared him for a central role in the inspiring force of the Bon Iver live show.

‘All We Grow’ is a convergence of Carey’s Waltz For Debby-era Bill Evans inflected jazz tendencies, and traditional rock band experience, taking leads from Mark Hollis’ Talk Talk. It also retests the waters of modern classical composition, investigating the moodiness generated by percussive repetition in a manner familiar to fans of Steve Reich. In his downtime on tour with Bon Iver, Sean would spend time pining for his soul-mate’s arms, and in that context, dreaming and composing. During infrequent tour breaks at home he would patiently record these pieces, adding layers each time. Two years later, the parts converged to make an album.

For as much room to breathe as Carey allows his compositions, there are incredibly dynamic moments of bombast held right next to moments of subtle depth and texture. Engineered by Jaime Hansen and Brian Joseph, intermittently at home and at April Base (Justin Vernon’s studio outside of Eau Claire),All We Grow’ is an all-encompassing headphone experience as intimate as chamber music and as ambitious as a symphony.

All We Grow is a classic album born without expectation and met with adoration – a cathartic result of Carey’s extraordinary and vibrant life experiences that resonates loss, dreams and heart in a manner so instantly relatable, you feel as though you can touch it. 

‘All We Grow’ will be released by Jagjaguwar in August 2010


Danish musician Anders Trentemøller has released his eagerly awaited second artist album, ‘Into The Great Wide Yonder’, on his own label In My Room and already has started to receive fantastic reviews.

From October 2010, Trentemøller will tour the world with the new album under his belt. Compared to the last “live in concert” tour even more musicians will join Anders on stage and there will be guest appearances by the singers featured on the new album.

You can catch Trentemøller performing live on the following dates:

23 Tripod Dublin
24 The Roundhouse London
25 Acadamy Manchester

Press pieces on Trentemøller:

“The doomy Danish disco producer cuts sharp beats with creepy operatic vocals that goths will like, industrial clubbers will love and the rest of us will just find fascinating. Step Into The Great Wide Yonder and get lost all summer”. - Dazed & Confused
“It sounds like you instantly fell into a scene from a movie.” - Filter
“A clean, serene 60-minute soundtrack to the best film David Lynch never made. Stunning”
. - Mixmag
“It is more than just a progression on the theme; it‘s a great leap forward”. - Bandweblogs
More organic and warmer than everything else you‘ve heard from Trentemøller so far - Record of The Week, ByteFM
The energy that he spreads with the new album is strong enough to move objects - Tonight


Multimillion-selling darlings of downtempo Morcheeba are back with their seventh album ‘Blood Like Lemonade’.

‘Blood Like Lemonade’ is the album Morcheeba have been searching for all these years, one which takes the essence of earlier classics like ‘Who Can You Trust?’ and the half-million selling ‘Big Calm’, and transports it to exotic new places.

At its heart are the band’s trademark oozing downtempo trip hop grooves, embellished with intriguing, idiosyncratic flourishes like the African thumb-piano of ‘Even Though’, which comes complete with a video directed by Ian Emma Bonhote.

  1. Stornoway ‘Beachcomber’s Windowsill’ [4AD]
  2. National ‘High Violet’ [4AD]
  3. Dizzee Rascal ‘Tongue N’ Cheek’ [Dirtee Stank] PLATINUM STATUS
  4. Villagers ‘Becoming A Jackal’ [Domino Recordings]
  5. Vampire Weekend ‘Contra’ [XL Recordings] GOLD STATUS
  6. Tracey Thorn ‘Love And Its Opposite’ [Strange Feeling]
  7. Temper Trap ‘Conditions’ [Infectious Music] GOLD STATUS
  8. XX ‘XX’ [Young Turks] GOLD STATUS
  9. Vampire Weekend ’Vampire Weekend’ [XL Recordings] PLATINUM STATUS
  10. Karen Elson ‘The Ghost Who Walks’ [XL Recordings]