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[PIAS] believes in treating everyone with whom it works or communicates with respect, and that includes you. This also means respecting your privacy to the best of our ability. That means that we will not abuse or misuse the information you give us in any way. We won’t sell your information to anyone, or give it to other companies (other than within the [PIAS] Group) or individuals. We won’t load up your email with junk (just an occasional email from us if you choose) or call you with any sales messages. In short, your information is safe with us. We appreciate the trust you place in us. And we’re committed to earning it in everything we do.

Our lawyers tell us that the above notice needs to be considerably longer and more detailed. So if you need some help sleeping after the excitement of visiting our websites or reading our newsletters, please follow this link which should have you asleep in no time at all:

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