The acclaimed duo Angus & Julia Stone have announced details of their forthcoming sixth studio album Cape Forestier, due for release on 10th May 2024. Alongside details of the new record, they’ve also shared the first taste of new music with the stunning new single The Wedding Song’, accompanied by a poignantly beautiful official music video – a heartfelt montage of footage from their fans’ weddings, and the title track ‘Cape Forestier’.


Forthcoming new album Cape Forestier plays like a storybook from the hearts and minds of Angus & Julia Stone, with each song revealing itself as a different page. Reminiscent of their earlier records, the songs move from love stories to exploring a unique view of society and what goes on around us. Together, the tracks on Cape Forestier are strikingly poignant and textured recordings that immediately draw listeners into the simple and endearing vision of Angus and Julia Stone’s world.  

Ultimately, we all share the same desire: to love and be loved

Angus & Julia Stone

Discussing their single ‘The Wedding Song’, it was originally written for a friend’s wedding years ago. Since then, we’ve been honoured to play it at several friends’ and family’s weddings, including our mums, and we received so many requests from fans for a proper recording to use on their special day, so we decided to make that happen.”


“We chose it as the first single from our upcoming record because it’s all about love. The song is a celebration of love and human connection. In a world that can feel disconnected and frightening, we want to share something that reflects the beauty of how humans choose to treat each other, love each other, and make promises to build something beautiful together.”


Describing the making of the video, they say: “We had hundreds of videos capturing incredibly loving moments in people’s lives from all over the world. It reinforces the idea that, ultimately, we all share the same desire: to love and be loved”.


Watch the music video for ‘The Wedding Song’ here:

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The duo recently released their second single ahead of the album’s release – the title track ‘Cape Forestier’ – with an accompanying music video.



“‘Cape Forestier’ is about a boat on a journey. I suppose it speaks to the journey we’re all on in our lives—the comings and goings of love, loss, pain, and moving towards new horizons. We spent a lot of our childhood on and in the water. Elements of nature are lyrically and mythically important in our writing. The ebb and flow of tides, the changing cycles—nature so often helps us to understand our inner world. This is a very personal song to us, so we’ve chosen to share some unseen footage in the music video from the start of our time together making music in the living room at home to where we are now.”



Watch the music video for ‘Cape Forestier’ here:

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“Making music has always been pretty simple for us… just something we have to do.” Angus looks over at his sister. There’s a brief pause. He continues, “life is complicated, confusing and strange at times but music isn’t. Not for us. It’s just something we do to feel normal.” Julia nods in agreement.  


It’s this language of music that forms the basis of Angus and Julia’s new album, Cape Forestier – a collection of heartfelt songs that share the sound of their extraordinary journey together. 


Together as musicians, producers, and songwriters, Angus and Julia Stone form two halves of a musical act whose words and sounds reveal a pure and genuine love for music and a talent for telling beautiful stories. Stories that have taken them all over the world and back again. But where is it that they come back to? 

When we're creating, we're home

Julia Stone

“Home has become something deeper than a place. Maybe because of all the moving … or maybe because of all the music … it just feels like when we’re creating, we’re home,” Julia ponders. “There are places I love to be, to visit, people I love to see and connect with, but I’m most at peace writing and in the studio … and I love being in that space with Angus. We’ve been through so much together and when we’re writing, we’re speaking the same language.” 


Music has continued to play an essential role in their lives over the years, as they’ve established a prominent career in the international music world. From their origins in childhood, then moving to London just out of school with their first record deal, to two years in LA working with the ineffable Rick Rubin, to Paris, Berlin, Egypt, and New York, to building a studio in the hinterlands of NSW. Throughout their journey, the duo have consistently regarded their music as a personal discovery and outlet for their thoughts and observations.  

Whether they are tagged as folky, acoustic, or indie-rock is not a concern for the duo. “It has never been about a stylistic choice; we make it how we make it,” says Angus. Julia adds, “we are two people who play music because, well, just because. We are endlessly surprised and honoured that people get something from it – it makes it so much more special to share it with a community.” 


They may be modest about their talents and still surprised by the ongoing interest in their songs, but for those around them, Angus and Julia are the embodiment of everything good and natural about song writing, as they seem to constantly capture the essence of honest music. 

If anything, we're more curious, naïve, and innocent to the mysteries of the world

Angus Stone

“This is our most stripped-back album since we started out together… going back to our roots… but with all the branches of experience hanging in there,” Julia laughs. 


“Yeah, listening back to our old records, there’s a charm to hearing how innocent we were. We had no idea what was ahead of us… it’s in the voices… but,” Angus ponders, “we still don’t know what’s ahead. If anything, we’re more curious, naïve, and innocent to the mysteries of the world… and what lies ahead… and I can hear that in this record.” They both laugh gently, knowingly, together. Speaking the same language in the silence between the words. 


Alongside the album news, Angus & Julia have also announced details of their forthcoming 2024 World Tour. You can pre-order Cape Forestier here:

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