Alice Boman has been thinking about space a lot lately. The silence between sounds, the unspoken bonds between humans, the enormity of the universe, and her place within it. “Writing is still a way for me to understand myself,” Boman explains. “As an overthinker, there’s this constant motion in my head, so it helps to sit down and write about it to actually understand what I feel or think. Or just to find stillness.”


You can follow these mini epiphanies on The Space Between, the Swedish singer-songwriter’s stunning forthcoming album. Imbued with an enveloping warmth which radiates from Boman’s gossamer-light vocals, The Space Between ruminates on intimacy and existential angst, her quiet contemplations cocooned in sympathetic arrangements created in collaboration with producer Patrik Berger (Robyn, Lana Del Rey) plus a guest appearance from Perfume Genius.


Boman offers a preview to the ten-track collection by way of new single, ‘Night And Day’, with accompanying video by director Jeanne Lula Chauveau.

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“To me — this is one of the most direct songs on the album. It is special to me,” Boman confides. “I am singing about the beginning of a relationship. About the moment when you are able to let go of the resistance (there due to experiences in the past) and give in to love completely. And to then be present and totally immersed in this other person and in the desire to be together.”


Video director Jeanne Lula Chauveau adds, “To me, the song represented the moment of connection between two people, the one that freezes time. When regardless of the importance of what is going on outside the relationship and its space, it is the present moment that takes precedence and must be lived at all costs.


“Based on this idea, I thought of the music video in a split screen that are showing different point of views of the same moment. Some of them featuring Alice, as the narrator and observer of a loving memory, some others represent the moment in question, interpreted by two dancers. The background turns from black to white (night and day) as if they had spent days loving each other in that same space, without any notion of time passing.”

The Space Between will arrive digitally and on vinyl and CD on October 21st via Play It Again Sam and is available to pre-order now here. Alice will play live shows throughout this November and December across the Nordics and UK – more info and tickets can be found here.


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