[PIAS] Artist & Label Services

[PIAS] A&L Services was born to support the independent music community.

Our award-winning services division was formed in 2004 as an evolution of Vital Distribution.

With an unrivalled history and pedigree, [PIAS] Artist & Label Services remains the premier sales & distribution partner for leading independent music labels.

Our team is hugely passionate about the music and labels we look after – and we’re blessed to work with some of the finest. Here’s just a taster:

We offer our label partners an unrivalled level of experience and expertise across essential services; from sales, distribution, marketing and promo to synch & brand, rights administration, digital analytics and catalogue exploitation.

Why do these towering labels and their artists come back to [PIAS] Artist & Label Services time and time again?

The best sales force in the industry, a true international network, decades of experience, a team rife with passion – and, of course, our complete independence.


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United Kingdom

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