5 years ago, Eric was busking one afternoon in the streets in Austin and a touring musician walked up to him. He told Eric he was blown away by his talent and the said musician ended up asking Eric to open his set later that evening.


And so Eric did.


Hard to believe but someone actually recorded that moment… Here’s Eric being introduced and walking on stage to perform his version of Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car” that night.

Jump forward 5 years and a whole lot has happened for Eric Burton and guitarist/producer Adrian Quesada aka Black Pumas whose self-titled debut album (released 2019) is getting all the love and appreciation it rightfully deserves. They have sold close to 100k album equivalent sales in Europe alone, hit the 50 million streams mark on “Colors”, got nominated for a Grammy and received rapturous praise for their music and incredible live performances.


So 5 years after young Eric opened spontaneously for a musician he met that day while busking in the streets in Austin, Black Pumas – stuck at home during lockdown – have recorded a brand new cover of “Fast Car”. Listen below!

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