CUT_ unveils emotionally pained and sonically buoyant track “Cry”

signed to [PIAS] Recordings ⇥ PUBLISHED ON 26 June, 2020

The electronic Amsterdam music duo CUT_ released their debut album ‘A Small Group of Individuals’ in  March 2019. Half a year later, the mesmerizing song Out Of Touch taken from that album was included in the murder teen drama series “Elite” on Netflix. Belle and Sebastiaan were super proud to have been featured both in the 2nd as 3rd series of “Elite”. As Belle said: “The scene is very intense, beautiful and groundbreaking (especially for such a successful and popular series). We couldn’t have thought of a better match and we are in love with the fact we can be part of a message about love and acceptance between people, no matter who you are or where you’re from. Omar Ayuso and Arón Piper, thank you for this beautiful scene“.

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30 million streams later, CUT_ unveils their new single titled Cry, a big electropop outpouring whose dance beat is second only to Belle Doron’s moving vocals. She demands attention from the room in the song’s impassioned chorus. Belle about the new song: “There’s often little we can do when a loved one is in tears; sometimes the best course of action and the best way to be there for them, is to give them the space they need to let it all out“.


Such is the sentiment of the duo’s new single, an emotionally pained and sonically buoyant track: Brimming with empathy and compassion, Cry aches with heartfelt tenderness as CUT_ return to the fore with a catchy, empathic bit of polished electropop.

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