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“Please don’t miss this one. 😉 Here’s the brand-new video for ‘HOW TO REPLACE IT’, the title track of our latest album. The working title was ‘Apocalypse How’. Not because it’s a 3-hour long masterpiece, but because it was friggin’ hard to get people on board to make this artefact, let alone to share my vision from inside a lobster suit.  


As the director, I wanted to capture some ideas and feelings of the album in one Big Ass Music Video. Feverish and anxious, intense and (hopefully) funny on cue. Life as I experienced, feared, dreamt, or simply wished it to be over the past three years. 


May it wash over you like a cleansing, surreal tsunami of worst (and best) case scenarios. And, since it’s 2023, remember to tell us what you think. Naturally. 🙃 


Lest I forget, what an IRREPLACEABLE team that made this one possible! Thank you to the fantastic collaborators @landvogel, @jonasgovaerts, @renaatlambeets, tsunami-masters @thepack, and @musicknessmanagement. Abraço.”  – Tom Barman

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