Just a few days ago the armed conflict in Ukraine will have been going on for a full year. To remind people how important it is to support the victims, Rode Kruis-Vlaanderen, Croix-Rouge de Belgique and BBDO have a campaign in collaboration with international artists like Ed Sheeran, Editors, Tame Impala, George Ezra, Years & Years, Twenty One Pilots, Rudimental and Roméo Elvis. All these artists, whose music videos were shot in Ukraine before the conflict began, have agreed to remove images of Ukraine from their original videos.


In doing so, they show the reality today: because of the conflict, many people, places and infrastructures are in danger of disappearing too. The Editors video for ‘Frankenstein’ was also shot in Ukraine and the new version, without scenery or actors, but with a black screen reminds us that the locations and people in the original music video are now “unavailable”.


Watch this special version of ‘Frankenstein’ here:

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“It is our duty as a humanitarian organisation to continue to help all victims,” said Joachim Deman spokesperson Red Cross Flanders. “Anyone who wants to help can go to our website. We can, in cooperation with the other Red Cross societies, provide much-needed humanitarian support. For example, potable water, food, hygiene kits, clothing, power generators or medical assistance. But also psychosocial support, because do not underestimate the psychological impact on the victims.”


Get involved and view the campaign trailer.

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