This has been a lo-o-ong time in the making and we are more than thrilled to finally present you our brand new series of filmed sessions called …[SESSIONS].


We are passionate about the artists signed to our in-house and partner labels, and there’s not much that we love more than telling the whole world about them. From showcasing new talent you may have never heard of, to sharing music from the artists you already know and love – and all the ones in between: that’s why we do what we do. Starting this [SESSIONS] channel feels like a natural extension of our culture and curation.

All [SESSIONS] are filmed in Brussels, right in the heart of Europe. You have to know; the Brussels [PIAS] office is quite something; it is not only the office of the Belgian [PIAS] team but also houses a record & book store plus coffee bar called BXL CENTRAL and a soon to open restaurant by a world renowned chef. And then there is the live venue [CHEZ PIAS] in the basement that, just like the rest of the building, was designed by the architect Richard Pringiers, inspired by the Art Nouveau style, and architects Ferdinand and Maxime Brunfaut who are responsible for its functionalist style which draws attention because of its originality and predominantly orange and black colour combination.

And our in-house basement venue is where we wanted to film [SESSIONS].


The idea was born years ago, and it took a long time to set it up because we wanted to get it right. We know which sessions we like ourselves and would re-watch again and again, and we didn’t want to do a half-job.


We always knew that [SESSIONS] had to sound great and that [SESSIONS] had to look great. Crazy simple perhaps but that means everything to the artist so that has been our # 1 objective since the first conversations.


The artists doing [SESSIONS] should come as they are, so in any way, shape or form, solo or full band or stripped back, acoustic or LOUD.

We allied with Brussels based film director Simon Vanrie who shared our vision and the concept started to take shape. Simon also designed, together with Sofia Betz and Boris Dambly, the set for our channel.


[SESSIONS] wants to offer an unbroken registration of a moment whereby the camera rather floats and hovers around the artist, not unlike following one’s gaze during a live concert.

We didn’t start filming [SESSIONS] to give you perfect videos of the artist’s recordings (although some will be pretty damn perfect..) but we like to think of [SESSIONS] as opening a door for you. And know that you are more than welcome to come inside and have a wander yourself. (You’re on the list, always.)


So here we are with the very first episode: Nouvelle Vague – You Spin Me Round | [SESSIONS]


20 years ago Nouvelle Vague released its iconic self-titled debut album which marked the rise of a musical style fusing post-punk with a distinctive touch of bossa nova and melancholia.


On the evening of the release of their latest album Should I Stay Or Should I Go?, we welcomed Nouvelle Vague in Brussels to film their first live performance since a long time, and are honoured to kick off [SESSIONS] with their powerful rendition of ‘You Spin Me Round’…

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Filmed at [CHEZ PIAS], Brussels – January 2024


Directed by Simon Vanrie
Director of Photography : Romain Ferrand
Camera Assistant : Jonathan Da Silva
Key Grip : Maxime Garcia
Gaffer : Mike Stolz
Sound Recorded by Robin de Carvalho
Mixed by Tommy Desmedt
Edited & Color Graded by Simon Vanrie

Set design : Sofia Betz, Boris Dambly & Simon Vanrie

Graphics by Annelise Keestra

Produced by Ineke Daans, [PIAS]


Special thanks to the city of Brussels.

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⇥ Proudly Presenting a New Film Score by Robert Levon Been

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