Maybe Foxes is onto something, maybe her timing is perfect. Maybe The Kick is that universal sign we have been waiting for showing us what’s just around the corner?!


Yes, please!


Propelled into the industry at just 19, Foxes was at the forefront of the pop stratosphere with her critically acclaimed debut album Glorious, Grammy-winning collaboration ‘Clarity’ with EDM giant Zedd, worldwide tour support slots for Pharrell and Coldplay, alongside six singles in the UK top 40. In 2017, she decided it was time to press pause and focus on connecting with herself. In 2020, Foxes returned with ‘Love Not Loving You’ – her bold, buoyant comeback single that transports you to the light at the end of her time away, the power to press play again – before releasing singles ‘Friends In The Corner’,  ‘Hollywood’, ‘Woman’ and ‘Kathleen’ to form the Friends In The Corner EP all leading to the highly awaited brand new album, The Kick.


The record was written and recorded via zoom with producer Ghost Culture (Daniel Avery, Kelly Lee Owens) during the height of the pandemic and perhaps served as a form of escapism.


Inspired by the desire for freedom that the world collectively shared over the last two years the near-animalistic desperation to socialise, a longing to dance again Foxes aka Louisa Rose Allen naturally pivoted the sonics to feed that escapism and create a record that simultaneously feels close to the euphoric, dancefloor-filling pop roots that brought us hits like ‘Let Go For Tonight’, ‘Youth’ and ‘Body Talk’, while still feeling completely fresh.

Unafraid of the art of the well-loved melancholic banger, lyrically The Kick touches on themes of loss and heartbreak, narrating painful places and soundtracking new beginnings to create an album for the post-pandemic world and a summer of never leaving the party early. Title-track ‘The Kick’ releases fear and anxiety to reignite a spark lost in oneself and ‘Potential’ falls into the fantasy of meeting someone new, who that person could be, and the push and pull of unknown games played with each other. ‘Two Kinds Of Silence’ explores the different ways in which two people handle the same loss, while ‘Forgive Yourself’ focuses on being kinder to yourself, forgiving yourself for your mistakes and moving forward.


You already know recent singles ‘Body Suit’,  ‘Absolute’, ‘Sky Love’, ‘Dance Magic’ and ‘Sister Ray’, and there’s now also the previously unheard ‘Growing On Me, which Louisa describes as being “about becoming more connected and comfortable with yourself a journey of discovering yourself and embracing both the dark and the light”.

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The Kick is released via [PIAS] Recordings and you can find it digitally and on standard and deluxe CD. The vinyl LP copies will be available later in the year.


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