Foxes has been writing – a lot. So much so, that she’s now got a brand new collection of songs set to see the light of day as an album later this year. Until then, however, her ‘Friends In The Corner’ EP will soundtrack our wait. Discussing the EP, Foxes (Louisa Rose Allen) says: “Focussing on creativity during lockdown has been essential for me – it’s given me so much strength and positivity. Almost without realising, I ended up writing a whole new album. The new songs have a really different energy and need to exist together as a record. It felt right to wrap these songs up together as an EP before the new album gets released later this year.”

Out today on [PIAS] Recordings, ‘Friends In The Corner’ features recent single ‘Kathleen’ – an ode to Louisa’s grandmother named Kathleen, poignantly released as the UK eases from lockdown and prepares to see their grandparents after a year of distance. Kathleen in the ’70s was a political activist, feminist, devoted environmentalist, and English teacher – her values inspiring Louisa since her childhood as she encouraged her to read poetry, write, and get lost in novels, sowing the seeds for Louisa to grow to become Foxes.


Directed by Florence Kosky, the video features two generations of ballerinas depicting the loving relationship – the younger learning from the elder’s every move – accompanied by reminiscent doll-house scenes. Take a look behind the scenes of that stunning video…

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Propelled into the industry at just 19, Foxes was at the forefront of the pop stratosphere with her critically acclaimed debut album Glorious, Grammy-winning collaboration ‘Clarity’ with EDM giant Zedd, big-name support slots, and six singles in the UK top 40. In 2017, she decided it was time to press pause and focus on connecting with herself. The ‘Friends In The Corner’ EP is ultimately about facing up to tough experiences that lead her to press that pause button, and the effects of having your confidence and agency diminished.

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Alongside ‘Kathleen’, the EP features previously released singles ‘Love Not Loving You‘ – her bold, buoyant comeback single that transports you to the light at the end of her time away, the power to press play again; ‘Friends In The Corner‘ on the fragility and hidden nature of mental health struggles; ‘Hollywood’, revealing some of the most challenging experiences she’s had to date while chasing her dreams to Los Angeles as a young songwriter; ‘Woman‘ with its universal message of standing up to the unacceptable; and previously unheard tracks ‘Courage’, ‘Dance’ and an acoustic version of ‘Kathleen’.



⇥ Foxes shares melancholic banger “Friends In The Corner” tackling the theme of mental health

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