Geese have shared details of their second album 3D Country out June 23, 2023 via Partisan Records/Play It Again Sam. Co-produced by the band and James Ford (Arctic Monkeys, Depeche Mode, Shame), the album’s 11 tracks are an explosion in both scope and vision for the group, and today’s announcement is accompanied by the release of ‘3D Country’ centerpiece + title track. 

"...we wanted to push (the sounds) through this textured, strange, psychedelic lens."

Geese frontman Cameron Winter says of the track:


“The lyrics are this story I had about a cowboy who does psychedelics in the wild west and fries his brain forever. I was imagining at first he’s this stoic, masculine character like out of a Cormac McCarthy novel, but then he unravels and sees his past lives in Ancient Rome, the Great Wall of China. Ultimately he finds himself in the end and it turns celebratory. I liked the idea of contrasting this strait-laced individual with that super mind-bending, interdimensional experience.


Similarly, the music is an amalgam of a lot of different country licks, a gospel-ish call-and-response part, things we typically wouldn’t do, but we wanted to push them through this textured, strange, psychedelic lens. We kept jamming around this one groove that’s in the verse for 10 minutes at a time, and then went back to take the best 30-second bits to piece it all together. The original version was over twice as long, and we bring some of those crazier sections back when we play it live and for the version of the song that’s in the music video.”

Watch the music video for ‘3D Country’:

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In the summer of 2021, Geese emerged from out of nowhere, sparking a hype cycle unlike anything that had been seen for a young American rock band in recent memory. Suddenly a band that had previously planned to release some music, break up, and go away to college was touring the world. They made their TV debut on Colbert, were profiled by the NY Times, Stereogum Band To Watch, Consequence Artist Of The Month, Paste Best Of What’s Next, Rolling Stone called them “indie rock prodigies,” and they toured with Jack White and Spoon.

And during this entire process, that very same band everyone was getting to know ceased to exist. On a practical level, Geese are still the group we were introduced to in 2021: vocalist Cameron Winter, guitarist Gus Green, guitarist Foster Hudson, bassist Dom DiGesu, and drummer Max Bassin. But spiritually, Geese have returned as an entirely different prospect. ‘3D Country’ is the sound of a restless, adventurous band redefining themselves.


3D Country fuses recognizable sounds with warped meditations on daily life in a world sliding out of view, Geese repurposing fragments of classic rock into a sound that is stranger and wholly their own. Right out the gates, the album kicks off with serpentine grooves underneath the armageddon visions of ‘2122’, before quickly ceding to the title track’s gospel-flecked chorus. ‘Undoer’ is a slowburn simmer constantly building to something apocalyptic; ‘Crusades’ travels back to Medieval times but chugs along on a ‘Heroes’-esque groove before strings swoop in around it. Later, Green and Hudson’s guitars bend and fry while Hudson also jumps in on vocals for an inhuman wail on ‘Mysterious Love’, and the whole album ends with the sideways piano elegy of ‘St. Elmo’, playing out like a saloon song viewed through a funhouse mirror. 


With a heightened ambition fueling 3D Country, the band created a bugged-out, wild, unpredictable ride — an almost phantasmagoric reflection of contemporary life. Drummer Max Bassin sums up, “It feels like going to the circus and instead of having a good time, everyone is trying to kill you.

Geese will tour extensively behind 3D Country, including a headline run of UK and European dates which they have shared today. Full dates here. Stay tuned for US dates and more touring announcements.

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