For International Women’s Day on March 8th, the German label announced their first 365XX vinyl compilation. The sampler contains some of their favorite tracks from all 365XX artists who have released via Europe’s first female rap label from the label’s founding in February 2020 to its third birthday in February 2023. Read exclusive commentary on each featuring artist from label founder Lina Burghausen below.


“In February 2020 I founded 365XX together with [PIAS] Germany as the first rap label for female and queer artists in Europe. The label emerged from my blog www.365femalemcs.com, which won the International Music Journalism Award, with the aim of giving female talent a suitable platform and space for creative development. The many national and international media reports made 365XX one of the best-known new label projects in the German-speaking world. The artists jolle, Mariybu, SATARII, YETUNDEY, Skuff Barbie, CARY and MIMII are currently signed to 365XX. 


From the very beginning, it was our aim to promote the diversity of hip-hop in Germany. This applies to both our focus on FLINTA* acts and our diverse musical orientation as a label. Vol. 1 sums up this variance perfectly: golden era rap, witch trap, R&B, battle rap with an anime touch, conscious rap, political rap – but right in the middle there is also an acoustic ballad with a string ensemble, electropop-soaked escalation and Pop with garage and hip hop influences – all of this can be found on a total of 13 play stations.”

Die P

Die P was our very first signing at 365XX records and I am so proud of the 3 EPs and 1 album we released together. She is the perfect example of “your favorite artist’s favorite artist” and brings the best of both worlds together: She has a street rap attitude and a classic hip hop sound, that is very influenced by boom bap and Golden Era sound. She has been working with so many artists here in Germany and definitely paid her dues – plus: You really need to see her live on stage! She is amazing!”


The story of Mariybu is kind of full circle: She started rapping when she discovered the ‘365 Fe*male MCs’ blog, which was the pre-history and basis of our label. Her song ‘Intro’ was the very first song that named the label 365XX in it, when she rapped “Ich bin bereit, 365, liebe den Vibe, Leute zu nice, pack meine Leidenschaft rein, spürst du den Hype, 365” (“I am ready, 365, love the vibe, people too friendly, put my passion in it, do you feel the hype? 365”). That’s why we put it as the opening song on the sampler. Today, Mariybu is one of the most important hyper pop artists here in Germany and also a wonderful spokeswoman and idol for queer people.”


The duo PALAS was one of our very first signings. Their music style is called “Witch Trap” – they are very confident and sassy and her lyrics are empowering. Working with them was so much fun. Both Babylit and Tina Turnup are great rappers that know how to use their voices. We released one EP together, after which they split ways and I am so excited to see what their solo careers are going to bring.


I remember SATARII texted me when there was yet another (well deserved) shit storm about a rapper being sexist. She told me how frustrated she was and that she wanted to do music that was going to challenge the super masculine music world. When she sent me her demos, I was just blown away. SATARII is like an anime warrior, but with the sharpest punchlines. She is also producing her own music, using lots of vocal samples that she sings herself. Her style is super unique and I am more than happy we already got to work with her on 2 EPs.

Skuff Barbie

Münster based Newcomer Skuff Barbie might be no less than the German version of early Rihanna. She has this catchy dancehall-influenced R&B – but she most importantly has the voice. It’s raspy and soft at the same time – and super intense. Plus: She definitely got the attitude. If you see her on stage, you know right away that she is a superstar. Skuffi just released her very first album – and I am pretty sure that she is just at the beginning of a successful career.”


“I have been following MIMII’s releases for quite a while until we decided to work together. MIMII is the reincarnation of Conscious Rap here in Germany: Her lyrics are deep and meaningful, she loves LoFi-Beats with a melancholic twist in it and she brings all the messages into rap that I have been missing so much within the current Hip Hop scene. She is a true poet and I am super proud we got to release her debut album this year.”


Cary is one of our newest additions to 365XX. She lives in Leipzig, the same city I live in. I discovered her when she was the opening act for another rapper here in town – and her live show just changed my life forever. I remember walking up to her after her show and telling her, that no matter what her plans for the future were, we needed to talk. And we did. I am so happy that we released her latest EP together and it is so much fun working with her. Her music is a mixture of Pop, Hip Hop and some electronic and UK Garage influences.”


Yetundey is like a box of chocolateI’m pretty sure, Forrest Gump would agree on this one. With her, you never know what you are going to get – and I love that about her! If you take a listen to her songs on the sampler, you will find a very melancholic ballad with a string ensemble – and an ecstatic electro-rap song that makes you dance the whole day. She is so gifted and multi-talented, not only in what she can do as a music artist – she is a rapper, singer, producer, songwriter, model, host, dancer, video producer, fashion designer… there is nothing she can’t do. No wonder German media often name her the “Black Nina Hagen”.”

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