Maïlé Doremus-Cook, aka Memory Of Jane, makes an impressive introduction today, with his debut single ‘How You Make Me Feel. The British/French 21-year-old producer, multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter from South East London weaves soft, haunting vocals with textured electronics and cascading percussion in a track that is a nod to his kaleidoscopic influences, notably Thom Yorke, James Blake and Björk.  


Accompanied by a stunning music video, which was directed by Alexander Brown (James Blake, Amon Tobin, Orlando Weeks), the visuals are as powerful a launch moment as the song itself, with a cast of Doremus-Cook adorned with butterflies. Having been an admirer of Brown’s work from afar before joining forces creatively for his Memory Of Jane project, the process was particularly inspiring for the musician, who was able to see his vision come to life. The two wings of the butterflies are intended to represent feelings of separation and duality, per the meaning behind the song itself, which is written about the aftermath of trauma.  


Watch the music video for ‘How You Make Me Feel’:

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“This track is an echo from a time of loss and confusion."

Speaking about the release, he says “This track is an echo from a time of loss and confusion. It’s a message to someone. It’s a feeling, a coping mechanism. It’s a song to help him or her push through the pain, and fall right back in.”


Growing up in rural France, as a child Maile took piano lessons, before honing his craft in jazz bands as a teen. At the same time he immersed himself in the world of filmmaking, particularly animation, ascribing visceral nostalgic moments to the visual medium before he even realised his abilities as a musician. His fascination with electronic music was a more recent phenomenon, congruous to his growing confidence as a self-made artist.  


Influenced by the austere sound designs of Aphex Twin, the electroacoustic dexterity of Squarepusher and the art rock flourishes of Radiohead, there’s a wraithlike quality to Memory Of Jane’s songs that also evoke early The xx and Mount Kimbie in its haunting, understated charm.  


‘How You Make Me Feel’ will form part of a wider project, with more music and visuals to follow, released via Blue Flowers (Nilufer Yanya, Puma Blue, Westerman). 

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