J. Bernardt’s – aka Jinte Deprez (Balthazar) – new album Contigo will be released on 17th May 2024. Alongside details of the upcoming album, J. Bernardt shares the first taste of new music with new single ‘Taxi’, which also includes a second track ‘Matter Of Time’.


‘Taxi’ is a song taking place in the midst of confusion and early contemplation, directed at a taxi driver who once picked up the singer. It is a literal trip (“can you please drive me to a point of no return”) as an escape to process the news of a breakup. The song showcases the elements of J. Bernardt’s upcoming album Contigo – from wild grooves, over humming backing vocals to cinematographic strings. A backdrop of taut, streamlined funk is met with thick bass and guitar twangs, adding to the contrast of strings and female choir. 


Watch the music video for ‘Taxi’ here:

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I know a break-up record is a cliché. But I’m growing to love clichés!

J. Bernardt

ContigoSpanish for with you” – is a dramatic, compelling and colourful body of work, infused with drama and brought to life by sumptuous melody, vocals and production flourishes from a master studio auteur as well as musical inventor and singer. Contigo explores all the phases of a break-up: shock, sadness, anger, denial, hurt, acceptanceand nails viciously romanticin the process. I know a break-up record is a cliché,” says Deprez. But Im growing to love cliches! I wasnt afraid to go all the way. Forgetting about the break-up by singing about it is like self-sabotage, but Im having fun with it too”. 


A classically-trained violinist, Deprez has scored all the orchestrations for Contigo. He’s something of a generalist; singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, arranger, producer, engineer, programmer. He started producing with the first Balthazar album in 2008 (hes co-produced three of their five albums to date), and his debut album (released in 2016) is entirely self-made.

Whilst Running Days melange of sound was moulded by electronics, the new album Contigo is old-school band-based – namely a group of Deprez’s super-talented,” friends that he guided through intense rehearsals and performances, searching for that spark,ably assisted by producer and mixer Tobie Speleman.


Deprez is best known as one half of the singer-songwriter duo of Balthazar, one of Belgiums most beloved and respected alt-rock bands for over two decades. You can pre-save J. Bernardt’s highly anticipated sophomore album Contigo here:

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