This Friday, JakoJako is releasing her new EP Verve via Mute, a collection of 4 intricate modular synth slow-burners.

“I allowed myself to create these dance tracks without too many restrictions”

The first three tracks, recorded with an eye on the dancefloor and overflowing with joy and exploration “… came naturally and felt fluid…” explains Koçer. “I allowed myself to create these dance tracks without too many restrictions” and the final track, ‘Nexus’, originated from a recording of her live set. “This one is wholly unique, I will never be able to reproduce it, the recording was a simple stereo track that was very difficult to mix.”


Listen to ‘Auris’, the first track released from Verve:

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Koçer’s passion for electronics began with an urge to play with sound, and a desire to learn more about this world of modular systems and patch cables. Before long she had progressed into performing regular live sets, had a Berghain Residency and a position at Berlin electronic music institution, SchneidersLaden. Despite a busy schedule, she still works in the showroom once a week: “It’s still important for me to go there, the exchange of knowledge and ideas is invaluable and I feel like I want to give something of what I got over the years, back.”


The four-track Verve EP follows JakoJako’s debut album, Metamorphos (2022, Bigamo) and her collaboration with Rødhåd, In Vere (2022, WSNWG), both of which came hot on the heels of two blistering remixes for Mute – New Order’s Be A Rebel and Martin Gore’s Vervet.

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