Celebrate 40 Years of [PIAS] with another wave of Special releases, including commentary from our CO-FOUNDER AND CEO KENNY GATES

⇥ PUBLISHED ON 30 June, 2023

Here are 6 more special releases with word from Kenny Gates on why these artists made the selection and how he first discovered them. We also got Kenny’s top tracks from each artist which you can discover on our [PIAS40] Playlist.


Look out for more special releases over the course of our anniversary year.


“Groove, rhythm and melodies, every ingredient was there when I first heard ‘Big’ it was music love at first sight for me. New FADS stood out from the Manchester scene at the beginning of the 90’s as being more thoughtful and dreamy than the others. I think they deserved far more recognition than they were given. “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”. I am so happy to be able to enjoy these songs on vinyl.”


“I met Tiga through Steph and Dave and I instantly liked him. ‘Pleasure From The Bass’ remains to this date one of my favourite electronic tunes. 


Tiga could have had a stand-up comedian career, he is so funny too and is an artist a record company wants to work its ass off for – he is so kind and talented.”


“Before Channel Zero, our label had never gotten involved in hard rock or heavy metal. After seeing Channel Zero live that record was set straight! The power of their sound, the songs but also the charisma of Franky we couldn’t resist and I still believe today they could have become one of the biggest of their genre hadn’t they split up after the Body Count tour.”


“I was blown away when I first heard ‘T.V. Treated’, it was so exciting and innovative. 


Dirk on keyboards and Frank on guitar were incredibly complementary and their sound was produced by Ludo Camberlin, who set up his 8 track studio in our offices for several years and recorded many of our releases. TN and Ludo were a very important chapter in [PIAS]’ story.”


“Front 242 was to Brussels what Skinny Puppy was to Vancouver. 


And I visited Vancouver for the first time to make one of our first licensing deals for Europe with Terry and Mark from their label Nettwerk. 


This was groundbreaking electronic music I absolutely wanted [PIAS] to be involved with.”


“I fell in love with Cassandra Complex listening to our imported ‘Moskow Idaho’.


The music was compelling but also the artwork was printed on reverse cardboard for the first time. 


I learned a few positive things about label-artist relations thanks to Rodney but most of all, he introduced me to ‘Spinal Tap’ when staying at his home and that was a blast!”


Discover Kenny’s top tracks on our [PIAS40] Playlist.

⇥ Sofiane Pamart’s album ‘NOCHE’ is out now!

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