A world music modern pop!  


Or rather, a “world-music” of rare richness, reinventing what is too narrowly called Balkan folklore, and energizing – if not dynamiting – the Anglo-Saxon pop format. This is the secret behind the music of Ladaniva, the Franco-Armenian duo who have already become a musical phenomenon on the international scene. 


Their previously released tracks have already racked up over 40 million views, and some have become veritable anthems in the Armenian diaspora. Their musical color is not limited to the homeland of singer Jaklin Baghdasaryan, and is enriched by the travels of Louis Thomas, multi-instrumentalist from Lille, the other half of the group. Together, they created LADANIVA, a name borrowed from an old Soviet 4×4: colorful and all-terrain, it fits the band’s music perfectly. Half-traditional, half-pop, mostly Armenian with some French influences. Hybrid and crossbred, it preaches Balkan melancholy and Creole groove, with echoes of hip hop and reggae atmospheres, boldly revisits the world’s folklore. 


The group is now ready to unveil their debut album, set to be released on 29th September.  

‘Je Voulais’ is Ladaniva’s first single taken from the debut album. The Franco-Armenian duo once again reinvents Balkan folklore in a pop Anglo-Saxon form. The group breaks the norms by blending French pop with Albanian sounds and Eastern arabesques. 


Watch the ‘Je Voulais’ music video:

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