LP, who has more than two billion streams to her name and a devout global fan following, shared the big news and also revealed the album cover art, its 15-song tracklisting, along with her new single ‘Goodbye’ and its accompanying video.

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This is what she told us about Churches:

“This album feels like a friend. A friend who took me through one of the most trying times in human history and a fairly trying time in my own personal history. So many real stories and realizations that I feel like I was able to share here.” She continues on the process, “Creating with my best friends is a gift I never take for granted and the excitement of meeting new simpatico collaborators is also such a beautiful experience. Like falling in love. I will be forever falling in and out of love. Forgive me but I feel like this is the essence of life and although painful I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I feel like it is my path to convey this emotion among others. I’m so grateful for these songs and the people who made them with me. To be able to bring them to you finally is a dream come true. Thank you.”

‘Goodbye’ is the fourth single from Churches. The song was co-written by LP with her longtime collaborators Del Rio, who produced and played all instruments except drums, and Nate Campany – who are also the writing team behind Churches’ singles ‘The One That You Love,’ ‘How Low Can You Go,’ along with previous LP hits. Click HERE to listen to and purchase ‘Goodbye’.


This is what LP had to say about the new single:


“Goodbye is a blast for the soul. A spring cleaning to free myself and hopefully others from the shackles of my own mind. The light is always there if you want it. I definitely want it.” She adds, “The video for ‘Goodbye’ feels like that time period after you make a big decision when you don’t know where life is going but you feel hopeful and maybe a little scared and thrilled at the same time. Being on a boat with friends was a moment of new perspective and clarity for me. I hope this song and this video are a breath of fresh air for anyone feeling like they need to clear their head and embark on a new journey.” 


Apart from the brand new ‘Goodbye’ track, the album will obviously include the first (killer) singles ‘The One That You Love’, ‘How Low can You Go’ and ‘One Last Time’.

Digital, vinyl, CD and special t-shirt bundle album pre-orders are available as of now so head over here.


LP will headline a world tour in 2022. You can find the tour dates on LP’s website and more will be added soon.

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