19 year old Molly Burman made a striking first impression with her debut single proper, “Fool Me With Flattery”, arriving as she did a fully formed prospect last month. Today, she follows up that significant promise with a further slice of empowering, woozy slacker-pop in “everytime”.


In Molly’s own words:


” ‘everytime’ is about my sad excuse for a love life. I used to be so obsessed with dating and getting validation from guys, but they just kept ghosting me. It got to a point where I realised I needed to accept that I was going to be on my own for a while and might as well start loving my own company. It’s like a sort of love letter to myself, always there to remind me that I am enough and I am exactly what I want.”


“everytime” is paired to a video from her friend and collaborator Harvey Frost, who created the setup in Brighton. It backs up the homespun, bedroom-pop feel to Molly’s output, starting as it does from the bedroom at his home.

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As well as her new single, Molly today also announces her first EP, “Fool Me With Flattery”, a collection of songs she has written over the last couple of years and recorded and co-produced at home alongside her father. It will be released August 20th via Prolifica Inc.


This is what Molly says about the EP:

“These songs explore the themes of being deceived and disrespected and the EP follows my journey from craving acceptance from others, to finally accepting myself. I feel like I’ve grown a lot with this EP and I hope that others can relate to this journey too.”


The “Fool Me With Flattery” EP will be a surefire introduction to her sound, and will mark the first collection of songs to land from Molly later this year. Pandemic allowing, live shows will follow.

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