Rochdale-born singer-songwriter Morgan Harper-Jones today releases her new single ‘Alone With You’, taken from her debut album Up To The Glass, due on March 22nd.


‘Alone With You’ feels at times like you’re reading from Morgan’s diary as she explores her emotions through confessional narratives. The single features two-time Ivor Novello Award winner Iain Archer on production/co-writing and Morgan’s good friend Sam playing the pots and pans.

‘Alone With You’ is about longing for someone who is probably a massive walking red flag

Morgan Harper-Jones

Talking about the track, Morgan explains “‘Alone With You’ is about longing for someone who is probably a massive walking red flag and all of your friends say “pls just delete their number and walk away” but it’s very difficult… And they are likely very charming and sparkly so you forget how shit they can make you feel and you think “ohh this time will be different” and then you call them and then they break your heart and then your friends are all probs like “told you so you fool but we love you and you’re only human so it’s okay. BUT THAT’S IT NOW” and you’re like “yes that’s it now…..👀”


Listen to ‘Alone With You’ here:

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Morgan Harper-Jones is in the middle of a moment. Her music featured prominently in Netflix’s recent international #1 smash Love At First Sight. Morgan is also becoming a live word of mouth sensation, selling out her two recent headline shows in both London and Manchester.


Up To The Glass is a delicate exploration of finding yourself in your twenties against a backdrop of love, self-acceptance and loss. Documenting those universally defining moments of young adulthood through the prism of Morgan’s own perspective, it explores deeply personal themes such as the passing of her grandparents, anxiously over-thinking every minor mistake, and yearning for a love that’s destined to remain unrequited.


Morgan eventually found solace to those struggles through both therapy and the cathartic release of expressing herself through song. She’s an old soul with a significant appeal to her generation, her confessional dream-pop evoking influences which range from Maggie Rogers and Harry Styles, to Aldous Harding and St. Vincent, and back to Joni Mitchell and Paul Simon.

I hope listeners will recognise themselves and find comfort in these songs in some way

Morgan Harper-Jones

Morgan says, “The full spectrum of human emotion is here, and I hope listeners will recognise themselves and find comfort in these songs in some way. I feel like I’ve finally accepted that it’s okay to feel however I want to feel without apologising for that, as long as I try my best and don’t behave like an arsehole I’m all good, and this album is a record of getting to this place.”


The album’s intimacy comes from a streamlined approach to her creative process. Whereas her previous two EPs featured a wealth of collaborators, the majority of this record was initially written on acoustic guitar in her bedroom before being developed with Iain Archer. It’s an approach which heightened the personal touch that will make these songs speak to countless other people: a comforting “you’re not alone” in musical form.

Morgan was raised by her grandparents, an upbringing which surely explains her possessing a maturity beyond her years. Raised to a soundtrack of their favourites proved the spark that ignited her own musical passions, eventually leading her to study songwriting at BIMM in Manchester before releasing two EPs, ‘Breathe’ and ‘While You Lay Sound Asleep’.


In the back of her mind was the nagging feeling that she could’ve done something that more acutely captured who she was. That emotional minefield was complicated further by the death of her grandparents before therapy and a subsequently liberated approach to writing inspired this project.


Photos by: Katie Silvester

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