You may have heard their tracks on BBC's 'Killing Eve' - Unloved is back with 'I Did It', the first track from their upcoming LP 'Polychrome'.

signed to Heavenly Recordings ⇥ PUBLISHED ON 26 January, 2023

Unloved is made of Jade Vincent, Keefus Ciancia and David Holmes, a trio formed in California and located in L.A. and Belfast. Upcoming LP Polychrome will follow their previous three albums – 2016’s Guilty of Love, 2019’s Heartbreak and 2022’s The Pink Album. Chances are, you’ve heard their music on hit BBC TV series ‘Killing Eve’. In fact, Keefus Ciania, and David Holmes scored the show and won the 2019 BAFTA TV Craft award for original music.

“Simply put, 'I did it' is an affirmation of achievement – and that deserves to be celebrated."

Parry says:


“In my head, each song Unloved produce has a very clear movement style and physicality, even if not overtly. There is always a mood that doesn’t need articulating, you just feel it. Like when you feel an atmosphere upon entering a certain space. So, upon first hearing ‘I Did It’, I knew exactly how it should look.


“Together, Jade & I discussed the films ‘Viva Las Vegas’ (1964, Ann-Margret/Elvis Presley) & ‘Bande à part’ (1964, Jean Luc Godard); both of which use very simple social dancing to enhance the story. The great thing about dance in a social setting is that you are seeing movement being exercised in raw form, and all walks of life being united through it. That’s why it ties perfectly into the track- instinctive and honest ambition; self assertion; dancing with joy but not needing to prove it otherwise.”


Unloved front-woman Jade Vincent says of the single:


“Simply put, ‘I did it’ is an affirmation of achievement – and that deserves to be celebrated. (Yeah, you did it. She did, she did.)”


Watch the video for ‘I Did It’:

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Over the last few years, Unloved have developed their own uniquely cine-literate sound that draws a straight line from the moody, doom-obsessed girl group records of the early 1960s to the sonic experiments of electronic pioneers like Delia Derbyshire and Silver Apples via the darkest corners of David Lynch films and the crisp, mono beauty of the French New Wave. Polychrome sees the band take a deeper dive into their world, with eight new tracks recorded at the same time at the band’s recently released third long player, The Pink Album, along with a welcome reappearance of ‘Far from here’, a glorious widescreen tower of sound originally recorded and released as part of the band’s first EP, 2015’s Guilty of Love.


Unloved’s “Polychrome” LP is due for release 24 February via Heavenly Recordings.

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