Condemned by politicians, beloved by fans, kicked out of their own gigs, and packing festival tents to overflow – Kneecap are a cultural phenomenon. Today, they have released their first single since signing with Heavenly Recordings – ‘Better Way To Live’ (feat. Fontaines D.C.’s Grian Chatten).


Since they emerged from a squat in West Belfast, Kneecap have created their own genre of Irish punk-rap, melding the Irish and English language and culture with electrifying energy, and driving a cultural revival.


Merging satire with socially conscious lyrics, and reality with absurdity, theirs is a voice which comes screaming from the too-often deprived areas of the North of Ireland, speaking in a language which is too-often ignored, and it makes for suitably powerful material. Whether you understand half of what they’re saying or not, you won’t want to miss them…

With shows and tracks that flip between satirical performance art and turbulent raves, meet Móglaí Bap, Mo Chara, and DJ Provaí. Kneecap crashed into people’s awareness with the release of, C.E.A.R.T.A., a track and video inspired by a police chase while protesting for Irish language rights. They’ve proceeded to run riot across small rooms and massive festivals in Ireland, the UK, and the US, leaving a perplexed media and captivated followers in their wake.


Watch the music video for ‘C.E.A.R.T.A’ here:

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Kneecap’s irreverent, complex, and potent lyrics speak to a time of political upheaval, youthful rebellion and discontent, and a renewed urge to party. Kneecap is a movement, one about upending preconceptions about language and place, and reimagining what rap can be as a creative and cultural force, rooted in community, craic, and defiance.


Following an extensive tour in North America last month, and a headline performance at Féile an Phobail in Falls Park, Belfast, for the second year in a row – Kneecap recently announced their signing to Heavenly Recordings, and today released their single ‘Better Way To Live (feat. Grian Chatten)’. The single comes with a music video revolving around the role of pubs in Irish life.


Watch the music video for ‘Better Way To Live (feat. Grian Chatten)’ here:

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Stay tuned on more exciting news from Kneecap to come in the next few months! You can listen to the new single ‘Better Way To Live (feat. Grian Chatten)’ here:

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