A force of the unnatural. A pop-star fed through a Nutribullet. A human bag of speed. The fourth horseman of the queer apocalypse: Lynks, today returns with new single & video ‘USE IT OR LOSE IT’: an electro-pop anthem dissecting queer hedonism – and announced their signing to Heavenly Recordings 


The euphoric yet bleak ‘Use It or Lose It’ is entirely self-produced and is a perfect return to form for Lynks. The crushed, flamenco-kissed bassline rides a thumping, muscular beat while Lynks’ trademark distorted drawl unpacks sex, aging, and gay representation in a series of impossibly quotable couplets. For the chorus, Lynks hands the mic to an anonymous robotic female who flatly urges the listener to “use it, or lose it.” It’s 100% unapologetic, text-book Lynks, who had this to say about the song’s meaning: 


I turned 25 last year which is supposedly the “scientifically most attractive year of your life”. I found this out and was like, “Damn, this is as good as I’m gonna get?” I suddenly had this prang of, like, if I’m not fucking 24/7 I’m somehow wasting my youth. Letting it slip away. And then you end up making really bad choices. 


Plus being gay on top of that… The gay world is obsessed with youth. Which isn’t surprising – there just isn’t a blueprint of what growing old as a gay man looks like. Like, any film with a gay man over 40 seems to end with them either trapped in a sad, loveless marriage to a woman or dead. 


So yeah; dry patches, sex parties and twink death. Everything you could want from a big summer banger if you ask me!” 


Watch the ‘USE IT OR LOSE IT’ music video:

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While evoking the electro-clash roots of Peaches, the industrial chant of M.I.A., the sardonic drawl of Courtney Barnett, and the theatrics of Lady GaGa, Lynks’ music stands alone as something totally unique. And this uniqueness has earned him acclaim from the best; support tours with Metronomy and Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, a wealth of support from Radio 1, guest-host spots on Lauren Laverne’s BBC 6Music show, and personal praise from Elton John, to name just a few. 


There is nothing quite like Lynks. An unpasteurized shot of electro-punk chaos compressed into the shape of a human man, wrapped up in a gimp mask, creating tiny queer utopias wherever he goes. And what utopias they are; sub-blowing, criminally danceable beats, anthemically witty lyrics about the darkest corners of modern life, and pure, unapologetic, camp excess colliding in a fog of sweat and confetti. 

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