Sofiane Pamart is one of today’s most inventive neo-classical pianists – we invite you to discover this composer and his newest album ‘PLANET GOLD’. And what a wonderful recognition it is to have had Apple invite the French virtuoso to be guest curator of one of their biggest classical playlists, Piano Chill – dedicated to intimate, ruminative, and relaxed solo piano pieces. Explore Pamart’s curation and discover the music that has shaped his craft, including tracks from Lindolfo Gargiulo, Nils Frahm, and Scylla to Claude Debussy, Frédéric Chopin, and Robert Schumann.

“The piano has had a tremendous impact on me,” he tells Apple Music. “Here, I have the honour of sharing some of my passion for this instrument and the music. I have chosen music and artists that I have listened to since I was young, some that I discovered while studying music, and others that have influenced me in some way. I also added a few tracks from friends of mine who inspire me, as well as a few of my own songs. Enjoy the playlist—I hope you love the piano as much as I do.”

Kicking off his solo career with the 2019 debut album ‘PLANET’, Sofiane Pamart has devoted himself to the composition of his work as well as interpretation of the classical repertoire. He is halfway between spectacular film scores and adventurous stories. His work is of a dark and poetic nature and embodies an emotional accuracy that allows him to reach and draw in audiences of a vast scale.



Gold medallist of the National Conservatory of Lille and a stand-out pianist of the French rap scene, Sofiane Pamart has collaborated with artists such as Koba LaD, Maes, Vald, Laylow, Dinos, Madd, Isha, Youv Dee, Rémy, 7Jaws, Hugo TSR, Lord Esperanza, L’Or du Commun, Lonepsi, Scylla, Aloise Sauvage, Anaide Rozam, Leo Walk, The Magician, and Marina Kaye. Branded as the ‘New Face of Luxury’ by the Paris Luxury Salon, the stylish 28-year-old has also worked with designers such as Sézane, Etudes Studio, and Walk in Paris.

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‘PLANET GOLD’ takes its listener on a journey with 20 stopovers. Sofiane carefully chose these 20 locations, whether for their intrinsic beauty, their evocative power, their history, or because he wanted to share his own feelings during his world tour. ‘PLANET GOLD’ therefore brings to mind memorable visits as well as a dream of those places we have yet to discover. The 20 tracks are truly futuristic, and the accompanying music videos, styling, and refined graphics for each form the complete work.

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The album presents a contemporary visual universe, where muses, mysterious characters, and villains orbit each other. With a contemplative aesthetic maintained and developed throughout his visuals, Sofiane Pamart imposes a poetic look and a dreamlike atmosphere that merges with his timeless music.



Entitling an album ‘PLANET’ serves as an obvious echo of one of the biggest issues of our time – the protection of our planet Earth and its species. Sofiane makes a statement, neither demagogic nor moralizing, which expresses his concern for the future of our surroundings to which we owe our very existence. A master album, ‘PLANET GOLD’ is a global work conceived and composed to last over time.




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