Afforded the time and space to fully immerse themselves in the writing and recording process, the band adopted a freer, more collaborative approach to the creative process with Keep On Smiling. The album was written and produced by the band both during and coming out of lockdown, with additional production from Jacknife Lee (Bloc Party, The Killers, Taylor Swift) and Dan Grech Marguerat (Halsey, Lana Del Rey, George Ezra) 


Keep On Smiling features previous singles ‘Wonderful Life’ – a nod back to the pure rush of Two Door Cinema Club’s early output, an unwavering indie pop signal and the sound of a band that are more ambitious than they have ever been before – and ‘Lucky’ – a breezy indie pop classic, shimmered with synths and grooving bass lines, quintessential Two Door Cinema Club at their best.  


Not of this world hair-raising opener ‘Messenger AD’ prepares you for the stratospheric and kaleidoscopic journey Two Door Cinema Club take listeners on with Keep On Smiling 


With irresistible electro funk and nu disco tinged ear worms ‘Everybody’s Cool’, ‘Feeling Strange’ and ‘Won’t Do Nothing’, to space age synth pop bops ‘Lucky’, the sky really is the limit for the boys from Bangor, who are lamenting a divided and fractured society; declaring that happiness is within our control through tremendous optimistic and upbeat indie dance floor anthems. The results are spectacular, and recapture what originally propelled the band into the mainstream consciousness, and a legacy as one of the UK’s most enduring and beloved bands. 


WATCH the video for new single ‘Everybody’s Cool’, created by designer Jack Pell HERE.  

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We asked the band for a one line comment to each new song on Keep On Smiling and this is what we received…

MESSENGER AD It's an instrumental piece that opens the album to welcome a new era of Madness and a new Creative process. BLUE LIGHT It's about escaping a reality you deeply dislike, but are forced to accept, tunnelling out unseen and unquestioned. EVERYBODY’S COOL It's about seeking self-validation through the approval and admiration of a multitude of strangers you have no connection with, resulting in the ultimate loss of self-respect. LUCKY It's about the realisation of how fortunate we are and our reluctance to hold on to those elements that facilitated our good fortune by refuting long-held beliefs and cultural values. LITTLE PIGGY General Musings about the loss of direction and purpose. the lunatics have taken over the asylum, and chaos subsequently ensues. MILLIONAIRE Refers to the general obsession with money, power and excess of success… HIGH It's a reflection on the present, the past and the future. our own personal mutations through time and the realisation that you should not apologise for who you are, who you were and what you will become. WONDERFUL LIFE It's a survival guide on how to keep sane in an incongruous world. FEELING STRANGE It's about an imaginary and very complex world, that cannot be rationally explained, and fitting right into it. WON'T DO NOTHING It's about falling short of other people's expectations and being perfectly content with it. DISAPPEARER There's no reason to fear a good reason to disappear from public view, as the view of the public is somewhat distorted. MESSENGER HD Part two of the intro…

The LP’s artwork was created by acclaimed British artist, Alan Fears, known for his vibrant, 80s-inspired style and pop culture references, his signature colourful, theatrical, often humorous and elementally positive paintings lend themselves perfectly to visually encapsulate the theme of Keep On Smiling. 

The album is available digitally now and will be available on vinyl on November 4.  

Download, stream or purchase the album HERE 



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